3,2,1 – Coming Home! – (Hold on tight!)

Being discharged from hospital after nearly 6 weeks was one rollercoaster of emotions, in someways I couldn’t wait to get home (own surroundings) and in other ways I was leaving behind the safety / security of if I deterated there would be someone close by to help (My asthma can change in a matter of seconds) but I couldn’t let that control me and nor did I want it too… so it was time to pack my things (One rucksack)

Hospital Transport picked me up and off home I went medical equipment was being delivered by another company so I needed to be home before this arrived – was home perhaps an hour before “Pimp the flat” showed up (Obviously not called that) two very helpful men put everything in place and made sure things were at the correct height etc and that was it, but wow was I exhausted by that point… anyway the equipment that was delivered consisted of:

3 x Perching Stools

Toilet frame (Sorry don’t know the official name)

Bath Board


Bed Lever


Furniture Risers (Sofa & Bed)

Crutches with special hand grips (No more blisters) obviously I came outta hospital with the standard crutches but even after a couple of days use I was getting blisters.

Grabber (Again I don’t know the official name – This thing however is a LIFE SAVER)

Once all this equipment was in place it felt a bit like NHS’s version of “Pimp my ride” but I have to say after a month of using this equipment everyday it’s been an absolute life saver. Another worry about coming home was how I was going to cope and if it wasn’t for a combination on things / people I wouldn’t have coped – so although thanks never seems enough a HUGE thanks to family / friends / flat mates / GP / Consultants / Psychologist / Nurses / Physiotherapists and everyone in between I don’t know how’d I’d of coped… I am so grateful to everyone of these people and I sometimes feel like a simple “Thank you” isn’t enough, but they all say it is so who am I to argue… and without a doubt at the end of the day I would do the same for someone I cared about that was in need.

The first couple of days at home were odd, trying to find my feet “so to speak” I had nurses from a community team called BICs (Bournemouth Intermediate Care) visit me 3 x a day to help wash and dress in the mornings to cooking lunch and dinner – they were absolutely amazing and to be honest until I was discharged I didn’t even know this service existed but it was something the hospital put in place for me, these nurse visited me everyday for at least 2-3 weeks slowly reducing the amount of times they would come out a day and I was able to call them anytime throughout the day if needed, they really helped me gain some confidence and strength back, things didn’t stop there either I was visited daily by a physiotherapist who helped with exercises for my back and the best techniques on how to negotiate stairs on crutches as I live up two flights (This is due to change soon, watch this space!)

So why was I so scared of coming home?!?… everyone has been amazing… and I can’t thank them enough… You know who you are… πŸ‘


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